About CJ WIT

CJ WIT is all about Equipping Messengers for the Transformation of Nations using the internet. His unique history has lead him to focus on Launching Thought Leaders.

EVERYTHING CJ Does is an expression of this one belief...

You Were Born To Convey A Life Transforming Message.

So he champions the idea of being intentional about the message your personal and professional life conveys.



Typically these bios are in the 3rd person... but writing in a way that's like me talking about me... and in a way that's trying to make myself sound grander than life... it's not so much my style... so instead I'd like to just connect... like we're friends... like I'm writing a letter to a friend...

Which in many ways... that's what this is...

So what do you want to know about me?

Got 3 amazing kids... I enjoy windsurfing, meaningful conversation and good books...

But... I'm guessing you're not looking for stuff like that.

Rather I imagine you're wondering...

"Is This Dude Worth My Time and Attention?" 

For many, the answer may very well be... NO.

Here's why:

1. IF you don't want to challenge your most essential assumptions, THEN you're not going to enjoy what I have to offer. 

My training requires you to expand your capacity to think and increase your speed of implementation.

For some that's just too uncomfortable... so they refuse to go there. If that's where you're at currently... I understand and there's no pressure to join me.

Just wanna be upfront about what I'm about... being involved with me and how I roll may seem like hard work to some... usually, those that have not yet learned the value of having their essential assumptions challenged.

Henry Ford summed up the big idea I'm sharing here with you like this...

"Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it."


IF you're up for combining your hard work ethic (which I'm assuming you have) with a much smarter way of doing things...

THEN I propose to you... for your consideration, you may very well be... exactly in the right place at the right time.

2. IF you don't already see yourself as or if you don't want to see yourself as a messenger, THEN the probability that we won't resonate is high. 

I enjoy helping established and aspiring Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders: 

  • CLARIFY where they're at
  • CRYSTALLIZE the vision of where they're meant to be
  • CROSSOVER the gap between the two in part by identifying and overcoming the roadblocks as they appear.

Might be an established or aspiring Entrepreneurial Thought Leader?

Allow me to break that down a bit...

An ENTREPRENEUR is ... One who sees unmet needs and/or wants and successfully and continually initiates organizes and manages an enterprise in a way that minimizes risk and maximizes reward, ideally for all involved. (CJ Wit)

A THOUGHT LEADER is... One who has or is endeavouring to discover, develop and deliver a clear captivating and compelling life-transforming message around which to build a brand, attract a tribe and fund a vision." (CJ Wit)

If you want to learn how to live from a vision rather than for a vision... then stick with me.

3. IF you don't want to do the hard work of social engagement... THEN we won't be a good fit. 

In other words if you say to yourself, "I'm not a people person." and what you mean is I don't ever want to become a people person, then I suggest you get a job, because being a successful entrepreneur is in large part about enjoying becoming great with people. If you're not there yet that's fine. You're in the right place. Yet, there must be a desire to become great with people.

You see, I'm stoked... and energized by you if you:

  • Are and/or aspire to be a world changer.
  • Have chosen to or are willing to Love people no matter what... unconditionally.
  • Are committed to or at least open to understanding how to increase your:
    • intimacy with a certain few,
    • innocence before all,
    • influence with key people,
    • impact on culture and society
    • income at will.
  • Want to and/or are up for leading others.
  • Willing to learn about the value and necessity of being intentional about your personal and professional branding.
  • Are up for doing the hard work of social engagement because... you're willing to believe... or you're already super confident that what you have to offer is needed and wanted and there are people waiting for you to show up... and they need to come across you in their world... and on their time, in a way that makes sense to them.
  • Are determined to be faithful with what you've got and you desire to be entrusted with more.

IF that's you... THEN... let's play.

IF not... well... no hard feelings... thanks for sticking with me thus far.

You Still Here? Great.

Here's What You Can Expect From Me. 

FREE TRAINING consisting of deep insights, time tested strategies, cutting-edge tactics and connections to essential resources to help you... Make Better Decisions... FASTER... in both your personal and your professional life. Once you experience how I can and do help you Make Better Decisions FASTER, you'll soon thereafter see the increase of your: Intimacy, Innocence, Influence, Impact, and Income... so much so that you'll be like, "Man I got so much free help... I wonder what would happen if I pitched in? Basically, my objective is to demonstrate how I help aspiring and established entrepreneurial thought leaders like yourself so much so that you'll desire the deeper dive, therefore I hope you'll see my offers as...

IRRESISTIBLE OFFERS to join me on a deeper dive training to discover, develop and deliver your life-transforming message so you can build your brand that attracts your tribe and funds your vision... I want to demonstrate I can help you by actually helping you so that my obvious offers will be warmly welcomed. It's been working great thus far.

Yet... you may still be wondering... 

How Do I Know If Your Stuff Is Any Good? 

Well... you could 'taste test" my free material so to speak... so that you can see for yourself that they can help you to:

  • Avoid wasting a ton of your: time, energy, and money... because you'll learn how to Make Better Decisions FASTER!
  • Sidestep... sorting through a ton of irrelevant stuff.
  • Save face... by tapping into a collective wisdom that will help you prosper before, during and after adversity.

My free stuff will also:

  • Show you 'how to be"... in order to succeed as an Entrepreneurial Thought Leader... I'm NOT going to bombard you with lots of irrelevant stuff.
  • Show you ways to make your life as an Entrepreneurial Thought Leader... easier.
  • Help you master the fundamentals of Entrepreneurial Thought Leadership so you can drastically... shorten your learning curve.

Bottom line...

My mission is to equip messengers. My vision is for the transformation of nations... so ask me questions because I'm committed to helping you minimize the amount of time you need to study... I want to get you into the action. The world needs you, wants you and even expects you to show up.

All of the earth and everyone on it... including myself groan for the revelation of you... for you to demonstrate your ability to solve the problems we have. Let's get you launched!!!

The general rule that applies here when you're looking to build your brand that attracts your tribe and funds your vision is...

IF you see the truth in these two declarative statements:

  • The ONLY thing in life you HAVE TO DO is make decisions... and
  • The ONLY thing that keeps us from greater Intimacy, Innocence, Influence, Impact, and Income is an inability to Make Better Decisions... FASTER!

THEN... join me in this journey and commitment along with me to become more and more decisive.

You can take your first steps with me by checking out my free stuff.

If you don't like my free stuff... chances are you won't like my paid stuff either.

Here's What I Will Help You With, Specifically... 

My Main Focus here is to help you Grow both Personally and Professionally so you can from a base of Intimacy and Innocence Increase:

  • Your Influence,
  • Your Impact and
  • Your Income... at will.

I'm the Creator of Message Mastery which is a training for both established and aspiring Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders.

You're an Entrepreneurial Thought Leader IF You're committed to:

  • See unmet needs and/or wants
  • Rally others to help meet those needs and/or satisfy those needs and/or wants
  • Successfully and continually initiate, organize, and manage an enterprise in a way that minimizes the risks and maximizes the rewards... ideally... for all involved.

HOW do I help established and aspiring Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders... like yourself?

I help you to travel:

  • From the Island of Obscurity...
  • Through the Sea of Adversity...
  • Onward to the Majestic Mountain of Mastery...
  • Along the narrow Path of Perseverance...
  • Up the steep Cliffs of Courage...
  • To the Peaks of Potential...

All the while, my team and I work diligently... to help you:

  • Discover Your Clear Message
  • Develop Your Captivating Message and
  • Deliver Your Compelling Message... a life-transforming message that:
    • Builds Your Brand
    • Attracts Your Tribe and
    • Funds Your Vision.

Of all the messages I studied over the last 27 years, I've come to conclude that... EVERY great message is ONLY 3 things:

  • Clear,
  • Captivating and
  • Compelling... moreover... I've come to realize...

Everyone is a brand... know it or not...like it or not... for better or for worse. And ALL products, enterprises, services, movies, and speeches that have been great... have conveyed ONE primary or big idea... so if we want to be great. I propose it makes sense to emulate success... and begin with the end in mind... reverse engineer your big idea and have it expressed in your personal and professional brands as congruent brand extensions so that:

  • Your Achievement is at its Apex
  • Your Fulfillment is at its fullness and
  • Your Profits are at their Peak.

I do this by... Helping You Make Better Decisions Faster... along your Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Journey.

Here's My First Offer to You:

Go to my home page scroll down and check some of oul some of my vlog posts.

IF you like them... 

SIGN UP for my CJ's Book Club... it's completely FREE. 

If My Book Club helps you...

CONSIDER buying my stuff when I make you and offer.

Pretty simple. right?

Thanks for checking out my site.

CJ Wit